Tuesday, August 9, 2011

V monologues

Like a lazy child, I've been putting off blogging week after week. Mostly because I have not learnt enough 'okrika' to take up sugabelly's language challenge. All I have learnt is how to say 'my name is...and I am an accountant'..not very impressive I tell you.

A lot has happened in my life since I dropped my pen but the most exciting of all is that I am now a graduate! Yipee! That and I am also an unemployed job seeker...oh..and V is for Virgin. I don't mind being a virgin honestly, but dating a V, is a different ball game. I become a practice canvas for all his fantasies and thoughts, so basically he is 'using me to practice'

This guy, I knew he was a virgin before we started kinda sorta maybe dating. So the first time, we are together, I know he's dying to kiss me but he won't make a move, he probably doesn't know how to, so I do him a million dollar favour, I make the move. Turns out making the move wasn't exactly the problem. At 23, he has NEVER kissed a girl. So I then have to teach him for to kiss. This is basically giving someone the license to clink teeth with yours, give u more than a healthy dose of saliva etc etc. He catches up slowly and fairly. Then suddenly, it hits me, I have changed his life, I have not only taught him2kiss, but given him his first kiss. Then he raises his hand, slowly and timidly, like a kid signaling to the teacher. Puzzled, I ask 'what?'..apparently, he wants2try again. See, 'using me to practice'.

I don't want to be a teacher, I don't have the patience. I don't want a V, I want someone who knows what to do, someone who at least can kiss me and take my breath away.No, I can't teach you to take my breath away, that just comes from experience.
My friend says, I am looking for a 'bad boy' that will break my heart. Well, who's to say I know what I want?

P.s; I missed this place :) and my next post must be an audio post in my language. Amen.